Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tough night

Baby girl has been pretty good at sleeping for long stretches of time at night. Last night was different. She had taken a couple of really long naps yesterday, so that may have something to do with it. She wouldn't really go down at all until about 1am, and she was super fussy after that. I think her tummy was pretty overwhelmed yesterday by the high-flow shower head that my breasts have become. I'd read that it's hard on babies in the first few days that a mother's milk comes in. I guess they just have to adjust. She was spitting up more yesterday, but she was still hungry. Catch-22, I suppose. Feed her more, make her gassier. Feed her less, listen to her smack her lips and wail about being hungry. We tried to keep her happy with a pacifier, but that only works intermittently. I settled on holding her. I was finally able to lay her down around 5:30, and luckily, she stayed good and asleep until around 7:30. Then she stayed in bed for about an hour after that, content to just stare. She's actually asleep right now in the MobyWrap. I have a feeling the wrap is going to be my new BFF.

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mo.wask said...

hee hee... cute pic.

you are probably right on about your new BFF. carriers are awesome.