Thursday, January 04, 2007

No such luck

Turns out the man in the moon isn't wielding a Pitocin drip. Alas, no baby...the bun is still apparently baking. I'm not upset or anything- I just thought she was going to show up yesterday. At this point, I'm just waiting, albeit uncomfortably and impatiently. She'll come out when she's ready, and I suppose I should get used to things not going exactly as I hope or plan.

I did go straight to the mall after my appointment yesterday- just as I said I would. I walked for about an hour and a half. Correction, I was on my feet for an hour and a half. I'd say a solid 30 minutes of that time was spent perusing the sale racks. I also ate the spiciest chicken burrito I've ever eaten. While it did get her moving, it did not get her moving out. I'm about to give up on the spicy foods. I don't really like them, and I'm more of an instant results kind of girl.

Once I got home yesterday afternoon, I was pretty much pooped. Otis and I just chilled out in front of the TV, and I watched two of the most disturbing shows ever on TLC. The first (I only saw the last 20 minutes or so) was Diets from Hell. The portion of the show I saw discussed three people: one anorexic lady, the Las Vegas competitive hot dog eating champion, and a five-year-old who's never eaten a meal in his life. The anorexic lady was sad. The hot dog guy grossed me out completely...especially since he ate six hot dogs in two minutes while giving the interview. The little boy intrigued me. One of my fears is that I'll have a child who won't eat anything. This child would only eat chips and one particular type of cookie. At first, I wanted to blame his mother, but it showed her repeated attempts at getting the boy to eat. Anytime he saw food, he would start screaming uncontrollably- not in a defiant way, more of a terrified kind of way. Turns out he'd had severe acid reflux since he was a baby and the pain had caused a pretty intense phobia. I have to wonder how his treatment will go. How do you convince a child that something that has always caused him pain won't anymore??

The second show was The 750 Pound Man. It was, obviously, about a man who weighed 750lbs. Actually, he weighed about 760, but who's counting. It was very disturbing. I really had no idea that a human being could get that big. I guess I just thought that a person's organs would just shut down at a certain point, and I thought that point was well before 750 pounds. He ended up dying. He'd gotten a skin infection that traveled to his bloodstream and eventually caused his organs to go kaput from septic shock. It was absolutely awful. Of course, as disturbing as the shows themselves were the commercials airing during them. I'd say that easily 50% of the ads were for weight loss know, all the different kinds they sell at GNC. Why can't people just lay off the Doritos and go for a walk?? For the record, the rest of the commercials were for ProActiv Solution. I guess they were really feeding on people's insecurities yesterday. Happy New Year to us all.

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Angie said...

Must I remind you that I changed the tire on Wallace's car 3 days before Nell was born. They will come out when ready...good luck none the less