Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hurry up and wait

Still no great progress to report on Baby S. The nurses have started joking that I've been pregnant forever. My doctor told me yesterday that he'll induce me any time that I want now...I just have to make the call. We decided to get through my actual due date. I'll go in for my regular appointment next Wednesday and if she hasn't decided to come out on her own by then, we'll schedule an induction. I'd rather not go that route, but I'd also rather not be prego anymore and I'd rather not have a 12 pound baby. I did pick up some raspberry leaf tea at Wild Oats yesterday. It's another of the crazy old wives' tales about naturally inducing labor. Walking just hurts too much now. So, I'm just hanging out...waiting for something to happen.

In Otis news, he's cracking me up right now. In between sentences, I've been throwing his ball around. He, like most dogs, loves to play fetch. He's unlike other dogs, though, in that he gets tired after awhile. Most other dogs I've played with are not physically capable of ignoring the ball back if you throw it. I've seen dogs that I thought were about to keel over from exhaustion continue to bound back with ball in mouth. Otis operates a bit differently. He'll always go after the ball, but he'll stall on bringing it back. If we're playing in the house, he'll decide he needs to look out the window for a few minutes or run upstairs to check on the status of things. Really he's just worn out. It makes me laugh that he won't just stop playing. I love that furball.

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Angie said...

you crack me up- by the way- I have the flu!suckola