Saturday, January 27, 2007

Full house

The whole P family is now home and well. S has spent the entire day either sleeping or nursing...she even slept through the hack job we pulled on her little fingers. She's been clawing her face up pretty badly, so her nails had to be trimmed. Like all new parents (right??), we knicked her a couple of times. Luckily, she pretty much stayed in LaLa Land throughout the trauma, which was clearly more traumatic for us than for her. I've heard a lot of things will be that way.

Otis hasn't quite figured her out yet, but he can't stand to hear her whimper or cry, and he whimpers right back when he hears her. He's also already assumed his role of protector of S...he's like the Cerberus of baby girl. Wait, does that make my baby like the River Styx? She's not. I promise. She's perfect. There are plenty of new pictures on


feather nester said...

She is perfect! God, genetics are amazing. Every time someone I know has a baby, I always try to think ahead of time what the baby will look like based on the parents. Then I come up with nothing, and decide babies all look the same. Then the actual baby comes along, and I think, "Of course! His nose! Her eyes! How could their baby look any different!" She's beautiful. Of course. As we all knew she would be. Lucky girl...

Anonymous said...

Dear S:

Welcome to the world, beautiful, wonderful baby girl. I love you.