Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lucky number seven?

There was some debate for awhile about my due date. I've remained pretty confident about the 24th, but my doctor was throwing around the 21st based on some early measurements. Whichever due date you choose to believe, the timer is about to start buzzing on this bun. While I've obviously been itching to get this party started, I've always had in the back of my mind the fact that my due date was still x-number of weeks away. Not so much anymore. Looking at the calendar, I realize that there are no more Sundays or Wednesdays between the competing due dates. We're almost there. Seven days from today...I'm approaching it like a countdown. Of course, I understand she still may not want to come out and there is a possibility that she'll make like a library book and be "PAST DUE." We've got the 39 week check-up today, so we'll see.

We've been doing some last minute things to get ready. We picked up the diaper champ and a humidifier Monday night, and I am still on the lookout for the Vick's baby rectal thermometer. (How fun, eh?) That sucker is sold out all over town. I'm not surprised since it was in Parents for (I think) the last two months. I also picked up some nursing bras yesterday afternoon, and let me tell you- I'm bringing SexyBack with these suckers. The Playtex Cross Your Heart bra looks like Agent Provocateur compared to these things. Of course, I needed the bras ASAP as I actually morphed into a dairy cow Sunday night and started leaking breastmilk while watching TV. Too much information? Probably.

I've got to jump in the shower...the doctor's office will be waiting. Oh, I also picked up this little happy for Baby S yesterday. I'm hoping I can convince her to like veggies- even if her daddy won't touch them.

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