Saturday, January 20, 2007

Laugh out loud funny

You know what I love? Besides M, Otis, Baby S, clean air, and the usual? Nerd humor. What I mean to imply is intelligent humor. Don't get me wrong a nice dose of mindless 40 Year Old Virgin humor every now and again is greatly appreciated, but I really enjoy the stuff that requires a few more brain cells to "get it." A couple of examples: having picked up on MoWask's affinity for Threadless tees and falling in love with K's new "Cookie loves Milk" shirt, I finally made it onto their site to check it out. My two personal favorites: "The Birds and the Bees" and "Hypotamoose." Unfortunately, they are both sold out. Luckily, you can still get "Planetary Status."

In other funny news, we finally got to see
Little Miss Sunshine last night. I've been dying to see it since it came out at Sundance last year, but I'd never actually gotten around to it. It was an excellent flick, but I think I had it built up in my head too much. I do that sometimes. The acting was absolutely terrific, and I really did love the movie. I think I liked Thank You for Smoking better, though. That movie had me laughing so hard I though I might pee. Both are great.

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps. See you on the flip side.


die Frau said...
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die Frau said...

I love those things, too. The birds and bees one is HI-larious. I enjoyed the final dance scene in Little Miss Sunshine--DF and I also really loved Thank You For Smoking. If you want baldly funny humor, go to and type in "Justin Timberlake" and "SNL". Find the one that is "uncensored"--it might say something about something in a box. I think it's on the second page. Watch it with M. for a good, labor-inducing laugh.