Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scrubbing bubbles

I just spent three hours cleaning the kitchen. I think they call that the nesting instinct. I dare you to find a spot on the oven door. Dare you. I'm planning to dust, vacuum, and mop in a few minutes...I really only sat down to eat some lunch. (PB&J and a banana- yum) Otis has been laying in the dining room floor, staring at me like I've lost my mind. Of course, he was thrilled when I cleaned out the freezer because he got loads of ice cubes.

Speaking of Otis, he got a new 99 cent ball yesterday when I took him to get his nails trimmed. It's amazing how having something new makes him so completely happy. The new ball is a green version of his favorite orange ball. I think he likes them better than tennis balls because they are softer, so they don't hurt when he catches them. On the downside, because they aren't coated in slobber-absorbing tennis ball fuzz, they are spit-covered orbs of nastiness when you play catch. He loves it, though, and who am I to deny him?

Ooooh, and speaking of balls- bowling at 38 weeks pregnant was
not the brightest of ideas. I had an awesome time, but I am miserable today. It was a little freaky how quickly I started to get sore last night after we left the bowling alley. So, note to all pregnant women and future pregnant women- steer clear of the great sport of bowling when you're all enormously prego- or at least stop after the second game when you think you should. I think the third game really did me in. Oh, and under no circumstances should you try to pick up husband's 15 pound bowling ball when you're helping tidy up at the end of the night. That sucker is heavier than you think.

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