Monday, January 29, 2007

All by ourselves

Today was our first day with absolutely no family around. I think it's going pretty well. S has been awake more today than previous days, so we had fun just talking to her and making faces and noises. She's just so precious.
Having accumulated four days of experience in the motherhood department, I can safely say that there are a few items that I think are positively brilliant. Items whose inventors deserve Nobel Prizes. First and foremost- THE BOPPY. We have two of them. They are invaluable. I'm also seriously loving PureLan, prescription strength Motrin, and Amy Coe receiving blankets. Just passing along my infinite wisdom...
There are a few new pics on Flickr, but most of today has been spent grabbing naps when I could as opposed to taking and posting pictures. That's also my excuse for not calling/emailing everyone who's passed along well wishes and happy thoughts. I promise I'll get in touch...just as soon as I catch up on some sleep (which may be awhile, so don't hold your breath!!)


Angie said...

too cute!!!!!I especially love Dad and Baby S asleep together! Rest when you can- I am sure you are still running on adrenaline right now. It is still so strange to see you with a kiddo yourself. I remember when you wouldn't even hold Nell.

die Frau said...

I also love the picture of daddy and baby--too precious. Don't worry about calling and e-mailing! Just do what you need to do. We're all grateful that you're already posting and feeding our greed for pictures and stories!