Saturday, January 06, 2007


It's too bad that laughter hasn't been proven to induce labor because if it had, we'd be at the hospital right now. M and I have spent the entire day laughing at ridiculous things. I can't even remember what all we've found funny, but for some reason everything is funny today, and we can't stop laughing. It's been such a great day so far. I do remember the last thing we had a hearty laugh over...a lady from our neighborhood owns a natural parenting shop here in Lexington and I knew that I wanted to go by for a Moby Wrap and some BabyLegs. We spoke to our neighbor and shopped around for a bit before settling on the burnt orange colored wrap. For some background on this shop, it's where the La Leche League meets here in Lexington and from what I can tell they are the premiere suppliers of nursing bras in the world. Needless to say, breastfeeding is popular at Mother Nurture. I was almost finished checking out before I realized that our neighbor was actually breastfeeding her child as she rang up our purchase. I had already noticed a woman hanging out in the back with a baby happily latched on. I didn't really think much of either situation as I knew what the shop was all about. The second the car door was shut, though, M busts out with, "Man, there was a lot of breastfeeding going on in there." It wasn't an earth-shattering comment, but the fact that I was certain he'd been about to explode waiting to say something made the moment absolutely hysterical. You probably had to be there.

I also just ran across this website, which I think has some adorable stuff. It's probably one of those things everyone but me already knew about. Here's my personal favorite, the tea towel skirt:

Happy Saturday, peeps...and Go Colts!!

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feather nester said...

I love the treetop skirt! And no, I didn't know about that website either. I also didn't know about babylegs. Good thing, too, or I would have ended up buying you about 10 pairs for Stella. I half wish we could wear them, they're so dang cute!