Friday, October 30, 2009

it's almost time.

S has been begging to go trick-or-treating for a couple of weeks now. We've had to practice at Mellie Mellie's. Needless to say, she's got it down.

Approach door.
Say, "Trick-or-Treat."
Receive candy.
Say, "Thank you."
Binge on candy.

It's going to be crazy, people. Crazy. She is super excited about Halloween. She had a party at school on Wednesday, and we were lucky because we had dentist appointments that morning, so M was in town and able to attend the festivities. They had carved a pumpkin in class, so S will know what's going on when we hack into our pumpkins tonight...or tomorrow morning. Whenever.
The real question is: What the deuce is S going to be dressed up as for Halloween?

Her first response was, of course, a princess. But I had wanted her to be a fairy. So, I decided to pull out all the available old dance costumes, get some accessories and let her pick on the big day. Princess costume? Check. Fairy costume? Check. Ballerina costume? Check.

She had been saying for over a week that she wanted to be a ballerina, so I was happy and prepared. Then- BAM! She decided that she wanted to be a pirate. ARRRRRGGH.

So, we went to Target yesterday, and she now has a pirate hat and sword...and a fake earring, an eye patch, and a hook.

I am prepared. She's probably going to end up as a ballerina/princess/fairy/pirate hybrid, and I totally don't care. As long as she says thank you for the treats.

Have a good one, peeps. And be safe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

getting a little too personal.

I have a problem. I need some new undergarments. Well, need/want. Whatever. The problem is that a couple of years ago I swore off Victoria's Secret because their crap is overpriced, under-quality, and doesn't fit me well. Since S was born, I've been going the GapBody route, and I've been happy with it. They've always got basic: white, nude, black. They usually have some colors that I like: scholastic gray, modern red, deep fog.

Right now, they've got some color options that I'm really liking online, but they are very few matching bra/panty sets for my little 34A wearing self. (I think I may have mentioned this before, but I miss my boobs. Love my daughter, miss my boobs.) So, I'm stuck. I'm kind of particular about matching bras and panties. It's like when your mother used to tell you to make sure you wore clean underwear because you never knew when you might be in an accident and you wouldn't want the EMTs seeing you in dirty a grown up, I've taken that to mean, make sure you wear clean panties because you never knew when you might be in an accident and you wouldn't want the EMTs seeing you in dirty panties and make sure they match your bra because the paparazzi might be following you and take a picture of you and the EMTs and you want them to think you care about yourself enough to match your bra and panties. Plus, it makes me feel a little more like an actual woman and a little less like a full-time former milk factory. I know, I'm strange.

So, dilemma. If I can't get matching sets from Gap, and I refuse to go to Victoria's Secret, where am I going to go? Undies must be cute, comfortable, matching, and leave NO panty lines but still have backs. I am over the thong thing except for dire circumstances. What, oh what, shall I do? Help me, people.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little tudor obsession

I think I need a break. I've been fairly inundated with the Tudors lately. Reading Philippa Gregory novels. Watching The Tudors*. Watching Cate Blanchett portray Queen Elizabeth I. The thing is, I'm wearing myself out with it, but I keep going back for more. I took a little break and read Les Miserables because, really, there's nothing to get you out of an "I'm Henry VII, and I will rack or behead you with the quickness" funk quite like the French Revolution. Right?? And then there's Catch-22, which I still can't finish. So, I'm in need of a little something new. I picked up a copy of A Wrinkle in Time today, and a friend recommended Mere Christianity, and I've got a couple of books on the shelves here that I'm planning to read, but they're mostly classics and therefore, most likely, depressing.

Any suggestions? What are you all reading right now??

*I do not regret watching this awful show. Really, it's a little too pornographic for my taste. However. However, it has introduced me to my new favorite eye candy: Henry Cavill. Oy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

okay, okay.

I know I've been beyond remiss in my blogging habits. I wish, a la SouleMama, I had some great excuse, but I don't really. M and S have been sick, and now I'm sick-ish, but those aren't valid. Really, I've just been supremely lazy...and I've been spending all my spare time reading. That, of course, means that both my blog and my house have been sorely neglected. Sorely. So, since I last blogged...
  • S had the highlight of her life. She met a queen (not drag). She met the DCHS Homecoming Queen and some of her princesses. She got to touch the queen's dress and gloves and crown. It was magical, and I am sorry that I don't have a picture.
  • M and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We watched Vanderbilt get their tails handed to them by Ole Miss. The game was awful, but we had a fabulous day together, and it's so easy for me to see why I love him. We have a lot of fun together.
  • Pumpkin Spice creamer has made its way to the grocery for the season. When I thought life couldn't get much better, they put out some Peppermint Mocha creamer, and M bought me two bottles to get me through my little sickness.
Sadly, that's about all that's gone on here. M is out of town for the week. S and I are holed up in the house. It's not so bad...there is peppermint mocha creamer. So, I'm out, folks. Until next time, here's a little S to tide you over.