Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Elvis

For those of you not connected to Memphis in any way- today would be Elvis's birthday if he hadn't keeled over 30 years ago. I had to give a shout out to the King...wouldn't feel right otherwise.

In our little world, nothing new is going on. I felt somewhat less than stellar yesterday, so we didn't do anything all day. M had brought me cinnamon toast and OJ in bed before we needed to get up for church, but being upright wasn't working for me, so I went back to bed. Instead of church, we watched A Few Good Men under the covers. Otis snoozed happily at our feet. The rest of the day was dedicated to the NFL playoffs, just as I am certain tonight will be all about the BCS Championship Game. I'm no Ohio State fan, but I'm not sure I want to bring my daughter into a world where the Florida Gators are the reigning champs in both basketball and football. Yuck!

Today I desperately need to go to the grocery store. We are out of all of the necessary stuff: milk, juice, bread, cheese, and M's cinnamon toast Eggo's. Looking in our refrigerator is just sad. I'm also craving pudding- specifically the concoction I know as Chocolate Icebox Éclair Cake. I don't know who named the dessert as it's nothing like an éclair, but it's the layered dessert of graham crackers, pudding, and cool whip (basically). So, after the grocery store and washing the sheets that Otis trampled dirt on this morning, dessert making is next on the agenda. I lead such an interesting life, I know.

Happy Monday!!

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