Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"She looks great."

That's the pediatrician's official opinion of baby girl. She checked out fine this morning, and she is already three ounces over her birth weight (if you're counting, that's nine ounces more than when we brought her home Saturday). Needless to say, the milk has arrived. I don't feel so much like a cow as I feel like an entire dairy cattle operation. I'm glad she's putting on weight...especially since almost all of her clothes are way too big. I know she'll outgrow everything very quickly, but I had to put forth a lot of effort this morning to find something in her room that didn't fall off her...and something that would keep her warm since it's something like 25 degrees outside today.

Not only did we venture out to the doctor's office this morning, we took a little mini-road trip to Frankfort. According to our instructions, we thought we'd be able to come home today with her birth certificate (which we need for her SSN and passport), but it takes a month for the records to get from the hospital to the Vital Statistics Bureau. Funny, it only took us about 45 minutes to get there. Oh, well. If she doesn't get to go to Canada, she just doesn't get to go.

Amazingly, we haven't taken any pictures of her today. Maybe later.

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Lesley Tipton said...

Your blog is becoming my #1 favorite thing to look at while I'm taking a break from p.o.'s....and I'm sure you know how much fun purchase orders are!!!

She is beautiful, and you all are a gorgeous family (including otis!)