Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Otis is a holy terror. His new thing is eating dirt. He's done it before on random occasions, but he's driving us bananas. It started the other day when he realized we'd brought the rubber plant back downstairs. He keeps sneaking into the dining room and stealing little clumps of dirt out of the pot. His grazing area has now extended to the outside. I did some research and can't find anything that indicates this is a "problem." Almost everything says it's a behavioral issue. Great, just in time for the baby- a behavioral issue. Awesome. Of course, his nails need to be clipped pretty badly, so I'm wondering if it's not really a digging problem that has carried over. I'm taking him to have the razors trimmed today. Hopefully that will help. I don't like for him to get into trouble. We'll see if the nail trim helps the situation. I'm also going to douse the plant's soil in bitter apple. Hopefully it won't kill the plant. It doesn't say that it's toxic in any way. I suppose I'll find out one way or the other...I don't imagine they sell bitter apple in quantities that would cover our backyard.

I'm off now to run errands. Have a great Tuesday.

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Angie said...

Mama Di puts mouse traps in her potted plants to keep her cats out...it is always a thought. I personally don't believe in it-but you may be in animal torture...