Monday, January 15, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I think I've mentioned before that Otis basically refuses to go outside if it's raining. I think his "little sister" may suffer the same affliction. It's been raining since Saturday, and I'm blaming the rain for keeping her happily in utero. Of course, that was not a bad thing as her father spent the weekend in Philly. Now he's back home, and I am resuming my mission to pop out a child.

We (me and my family) had a very baby centered weekend here while hubby was partying. (I'm jealous, can you tell?) My friend Anne threw a baby shower for the neighborhood ladies on Saturday morning, and yesterday there was a "Blessing for Expectant Families" at church. Saturday's shower was wonderful, and S got loads of great new stuff. Her room is officially
overflowing. She has so many gorgeous new outfits that I can't wait to try on her. The church service yesterday was also cool, but it was a little strange since M wasn't there. Part of the blessing involved a "birthing necklace". (Background: Church members donated beads that the women of the church arranged into necklaces. The priest then blessed the necklaces, and we- me and the other expectant mommies- are supposed to wear the necklaces during our labors.) The necklaces were presented to the husbands who were to place them on their wives. As my husband was on an airplane at the time, my daddy put my necklace on me. We were both laughing that people who don't know me and M probably think my daddy is a cradle-robber. That scenario is made funnier by the fact that I look a LOT like my father. I mean, I've heard of couples starting to look alike, but that would be pushing the envelope a bit. After church, there was a luncheon and massages for the pregnant ladies. The massage was great. I wish I was being massaged right now. The rest of my day was totally lazy.

As for M's weekend- I think there was a bit more "excitement" (in the traditional sense of the word...some of you may find my weekend exciting...). He had a great time with the Colgate crew...and an appropriately inebriated evening with DTS. I got to see some pictures last night, but I'm waiting for D to send the Friday evening pictures. As for the pictures from the actual wedding, everyone looked so fabulous. All of my friends were all dressed up looking gorgeous, and I was sitting at home imitating a whale. Again, the jealousy rears its ugly, swollen head.

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