Friday, May 28, 2010

i really do apologize.

I know. It's been a long time. I know I said that last time, too. I'm just swamped. M is swamped. We are big time swamped. Here's the reason. (One of the reasons.)
For the record, the turquoise shutters and wrought iron trim will be two of the first things to be painted. And just so you know, I'm standing at the base of the front to the old grass tennis court. Yeah, that's right. Mr. Ouiser is going to have a grass court.

We bought another house. A fabulous house...or at least what will be a fabulous house. It's been vacant for two years. The Colonel and the Mrs (previous owners) passed away a couple of years ago, and it took awhile for their out-of-town kids to get it on the market, and then to lower the price to what someone would actually pay for a house that needs this much work. We've got a big project on our hands, and M has been hard at work knocking out tile and cabinets and walls and tearing up old carpets. And, for the record, we weren't looking for another house. I just happened to find it online when I was looking at a friend's house online. Anyway, that's been taking a lot of our time. We first saw the house about five weeks ago. We made an offer about four days later (after having our builder take a look at it), and we closed almost two weeks ago. We've spent most of our spare time since then thinking about/working on/planning the remodel.

Also, it's Firefly time, and that's kicking my tail right now. There is so much more work to be done this year because we lost most of last year's help. Frankly, I feel like I'm drowning beneath my Firefly To-Do List. However, that'll be all over in one month. Despite how it may seem, I am really, really looking forward to the festival. We've got some amazing artists coming. And, I do believe I'll blow my bank account on this lady's work. Oy.

C's wedding is also fast approaching, and I am worried about something slipping through the cracks. Like somehow I'm going to forget to order her flowers or something. Somebody remind me.

It looks a little puny when it's written out in three short paragraphs, but it feels like I've got more to do than I have hours in the day. I suppose what's going to get done will get done and that's all there is to it.

Lastly, my daughter is still adorable. I was taking pictures of this house for the realtor the other day and she demanded to be in them. So, here's a little S for you. Well, two pictures as I just can't stop myself. I'll regale you with stories of Little Ouiser soon. Until then...
Hambone. Just so you know, that black thing in her hand is the strap to my yoga mat. She's been putting it around her (stuffed) frog's neck and calling it a leash. Also, her jaw is not crooked like it looks. She's just making a face.
I call this one Melancholy and the Infinite Cuteness.