Tuesday, August 01, 2006

L'eggo my Eggo!

Yesterday was not a great day. I met with yet another window salesman, but this one wasn't annoying,and I think we may actually be on the verge of committing to getting all new windows. (Sorry, bank account!) The day was all downhill after that. Plenty of afternoon/early evening sickness to go around. Not pleasant at all. It made the trip to the grocery store somewhat less than exciting as I couldn't think of ANYTHING that sounded even remotely good. I did pick up some homestyle Eggo waffles, though.

When I woke up this morning, I was thrilled that I didn't feel sick, and I remembered my Eggos! I popped two in the toaster and added just the right amount of Aunt Jemima (Vermont Maple syrup just isn't right on Eggo waffles). I scarfed those waffles down in approximately 4 seconds. They were so good, in fact, that I made two more. Now that I've eaten those, I don't feel so hot. Go figure. I always overdo it.

Moving beyond my gastronomic happenings...we're pretty sure that I have finally acheived tomatoes. I say "pretty sure" because the ones on the vines are still very green, but we keep finding half-eaten red tomatoes scattered across the backyard. I guess Otis likes tomatoes. Considering I still don't want to eat vegetables, maybe Otis is taking care of my "what on earth am I going to do with all of these tomatoes" problem. Also in gardening news, while we have what will likely be BUCKETS of large slicing tomatoes and tiny grape tomatoes, I'm not sure the other plants are going to make it. The tomato plants are so large that they are smothering everything else. As I had never before grown a garden, I had no idea how out of control the whole thing could get. Also, I felt certain that I would kill most everything before it actually grew. Next year, I think I'll actually pay attention to the seed packet recommendations on spacing. Live and learn...


Angie said...

kiddo- i am ashamed of you. Did I teach you anything? Go in and prune those tomatoes. It will be a learning experience for next year! I am wishing I had some great tomatoes right now. Weum planted one stupid plant and it just wants to grow to the sky(think Jack and the beanstalk). No tomatoes yet. Hey, that morning/noon/evening sickness will kick your a$$. Try ginger ale or ginger capsules.

Angie said...
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