Thursday, August 31, 2006

Home again, home again

So, I've been hanging out in Dickson County since Saturday. It was good to see my family, but I haven't spent that much time there in a few years, so it was a little odd. Otis is very happy that I am home, and he seems a bit peeved that I am on the computer and not wallowing in the floor playing with him. The truth is, I can't play with him too much as I sustained the worst bug bites in the history of the world in my communes with nature in the motherland (walking to and from the car at my granddaddy's house). He's walked over my feet a few times since I've been home, and it scratches the bites. That causes me to spend a full five minutes scratching and cursing the monster bugs from the farm. (Did the RC get into the bug-farming business when he gave up growing tobacco a couple of years ago?? I wonder...)

Now that I'm home, the pile of birthday cards and presents on the dining room table is calling out to me, but I have to wait until M gets home. I think he left them there to torture me!

Oh, yeah, the big activity during my trip?? My aunt Melanie and I went maternity clothes shopping yesterday. I used one of the pregnant-belly pillows and everything! It was pretty funny. I got lots of legitimately cute stuff for fall and winter...but I couldn't find jeans, which I wanted. M and I will have to head to the Gap maternity store for those, I guess. Other than that, it was a low-key trip. Dinner for my birthday, dinner for my brother's birthday (I made him a ninja turtle cake!), hanging out at my aunt's house, a family reunion/party with my daddy's family. It was great.

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