Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Otis

In response to my curious Animal Planet loving pal K, here are some pictures of Otis with his food and water bowls and one of his bones. He was happy to take the pictures at his bowls because we "coaxed" him over by putting handfuls of ice cubes into his water and giving him an extra handful of kibble! He is becoming quite photogenic...I suppose out of habit as M is constantly snapping pictures of him. I can't imagine how many photos he'll take of the baby when it comes.

So, here's some more Otis...just for you, K, from your Aunt Ouiser.

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Angie said...

Oh, Lord, a camera...when are you going to post a pic of "the bump"? For those of us far away, I insist a pic now and then of your ever changing belly/body. Enjoy it, it never goes back to the way it was before kiddos- at least it doesn't after 3. We just got back from the beach this week-end. I will send you some photos of the kids soon. Think of greasy pork sandwiches from like Bryant's BBQ if you need to hurl!!