Friday, August 11, 2006

Empty closet

I just spent a significant chunk of time going through drawers and my closet to get rid of all the things that are too tight (thus miserable) now. It's pretty frustrating to try and get ready to go somewhere and realize that you can't find anything on a hanger that won't cut into your tummy. There are three huge piles on the bed now with contents ranging from too small bras to completely unused workout clothes, suit pants to cute wrap tops that used to accentuate my little waist. Only the "big clothes" are left. It's a smidge disheartening.

Knowing that my days perusing my own clothing are numbered, I checked out the "Liz Lange" section at Target the other day. What is the deal with EVERYTHING being made in brown lately? There were several cute pieces, but they were brown (and generally only available in L or XL). I don't wear brown, and I'll be glad when black is the new black. Am I going to be stuck in M's Colgate shorts and tee shirts for the duration of this pregnancy? Hopefully not. We'll see.

Five Senses Friday:

Sight: Giant green tomatoes in my backyard

Sound: Little girl at DQ asking her mommy for "bites"

Taste: Strawberry Kiwi smoothie at lunch with Heidi on Wednesday

Smell: Otis when he came home from the groomer!

Touch: Getting stung/bitten by some giant freak bug yesterday...while not at all enjoyable, it was definetely memorable.


feather nester said...

Oh, sad. I am a devoted fan of Target, but the clothes are always disappointing. The adult clothes, that is. The kids' & babies' clothes never fail to overwhelm me with cuteness. My SIL found Gap to be her best bet during her pregnancy. Good luck!

die Frau said...

One word: muumuu.

Seriously, I heard Gap Maternity was good, too. And hey--I find adult things at Target, feathernester, although I do have to pick sometimes. Don't knock Tar-zhay!