Monday, August 21, 2006

Attack of the killer tomatoes

We have tomatoes. There are going to be LOADS of tomatoes before this thing is all said and done. You can't look anywhere in the tangled mass of vines and not see dozens of green ones. Of course, our friendly backyard rabbit seems to be taking to the grape tomatoes. I noticed lots of half eaten ones beneath the vines. Otis can't reach back there, so I know he didn't do it (not to mention he would've demolished the smaller grape tomatoes). Besides, we see the rabbit hanging out by the garden a lot when Otis is inside. Amazingly, Otis has yet to notice Mr. Bunny Rabbit. I don't really care how many the bunny eats because we could NEVER eat as many tomatoes as we are growing. Oh, and for the record- they are completely pesticide- and fertilizer-free tomatoes. Of course, I was sprayed down with bug spray while I was out there digging through the plants. I need to check out that Burt's Bees stuff before next summer. I don't really want to hose my kid down in Off Skintastic.

Either way, here are the first of the tomatoes...and a picture of Otis lying in front of the sink, guarding them.

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