Friday, August 18, 2006

Where does it come from?

Sometimes I just know that I am a nerd and that I am lucky to have friends who will put up with my nerdiness. Last weekend, M and I watched the LOTR movies. In The Two Towers as Saruman is ripping up all the trees to create and outfit his army, there is a brief commentary on industry. It's been a few days, so I'm sure I'm not getting it exactly right, but it was something along the lines of the old ways and agrarian lifestyles will come to an end because they will be usurped by industry and war. It made me sad to watch all the trees being torn down and burned to fuel the hate and disaster of the future. I guess it hits a little close to home.

As I watched it, I tried to remember if the commentary was actually part of Tolkien's book. I can't seem to find my copy, and it would be hard to locate the reference anyway. It makes you wonder, though.

I had decided not to bore you all with another one of my ridiculous trains of thought, but then I read an interview with Kurt Vonnegut yesterday, and we all know how outspoken he is on what humans have done to the planet. Anyway, it just makes you think. It scares me to be having a baby when I don't know what the planet will be able to provide for it as it gets older. At what point will we have pushed the limits too far? It's just scary.


mowask said...

It is scary. And it is scary how many people don't stop to think about it.

feather nester said...

Hmmm, Tolkien books too far away for two glasses of wine. Will look into it tomorrow. But I agree. I cried during that scene. I spend most of my life trying not to think about these things, which I very seriously think is different from mowask's point about people who just don't stop to think about it. I choose not to think about it because I know I'll obsess and spiral into a depression. Anyway, I'll try to remember to look for the reference for you tomorrow.