Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hooray for the beautiful football team

My husband is very happy right now. He is watching his beloved Colts. While they are having their tails handed to them by Seattle, Peyton and Company looked good on their few series in action. M has, during the course of the game, proclaimed the Colts uniforms to be beautiful, the Peyton/Wayne touchdown pass also beautiful, and he has waxed poetic on football as the battle of good vs. evil. He loves football. At any given moment, he can tell you how long it is until UT takes the field in its first game. I hope the baby isn't born on a Sunday during the playoffs...

We had a very busy and productive weekend. We have gone through boxes and boxes of old papers, Zip disks, photographs, clothes- you name it- as we try to prepare the house for the baby. Considering we have thrown away what has seemed like tons of stuff in all of our moves over the years, we are perplexed by the volume of stuff that is left. We had the four tuckers of nutcrackers in the baby's closet, so I spent most of my day cleaning out the guest room closets to make room for them and all of the stuff that we legitimately need to store in there. I think we've done a pretty decent job when all is said and done. Another good couple of hours in both rooms should leave us in excellent shape for actually making the nursery into a nursery. I can't believe that we find out the baby's sex in just two weeks...two weeks until all-out baby preparation mode! The time can barely go by fast enough!!

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feather nester said...

Oh, dear God, I'm so excited. You've gotten me all hyped up! Ack, when am I going to have time to make all the things I want to for your baby. The answer is, sadly, never. But I'll do my best. And I have to reneg on my offer to look up that passage for you in LOTR. The two glasses of wine and optimism inherent in a Friday night made me lose my head completely. I'm entirely too busy. Lots of love to you both. Missing you two like crazy, as usual.