Thursday, August 03, 2006

You're out

Seriously, is there anyone else out there as obsessed with Project Runway as I? I am totally hooked. Last night's episode was good, but not nearly as dramatic as hyped. I suppose that's always the case, though, huh? Either way, are there normal people out there who really have Heidi Klum's legs? If there are, I don't like them. That's all I'll say about that.

In Otis news (and what else is there, really?), he was completely adorable last night. M played poker after work and didn't get home until around 11. Sometime around seven, when M is usually home and rolling around the floor with the dog, Otis started getting hyper...tossing his puzzle bone in the air, running like a madman through the house, and growling. I looked at him and sadly noted, "I bet you wish your dad was home."

The simple mention of M was enough. Otis looked up, looked at the door, looked back at me like "why didn't I hear the garage door," and took off for the door like always to wait for his dad to come in and pet him. He sat there, attentively staring at the door, for about 30 minutes. I guess he got tired of sitting up at that point because he whined a little and laid his giant silver self right in front of the door and wouldn't budge. Every time he heard a car on the street or any unusual noise outside, he would jump back up, looking at the door, waiting for dear old dad. It was pretty sweet actually.

Considering Otis crashes at 9:45 (like clockwork, people, it's strange), he was asleep by the time M got home. When I heard the garage door, I looked over at Otis. Sensing the fact that someone somewhere was moving, he looked up at me. "Daddy's home." Then he heard M in the garage and darted to the door again. Finally! I don't think that Otis likes "sick mommy." Sick mommy doesn't play.

Wow, that story was the most interesting part of my day yesterday. How sad is that? What do I care? I'll have more than I can handle soon enough. I embrace my boring laziness.


Angie said...

I am so hooked!!! I have watched every season. You know, I wanted to go into fashion design when I was in high school( possibly from too many viewings of Pretty in Pink- that Molly Ringwald was just so funky). I guess in a way, I am a designer for the under 8 set in an proper, Southern, heirloom way. If you have a boy, will he be allowed to wear a daygown? You do claim to be a old southern lady in training. It is only proper...where has Michael Kors been this season? He can really be pissy on those designers!! Carry on and make it work!!!!!!!!

die Frau said...

I might have to check this out--my friend who NEVER watches reality TV never misses it.