Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy, happy, happy

I love my family, and I loved everything about my visit with them. There's just something about being home, though. Dinner with my husband...staying up until 1am (unheard of around here) to watch Andre Agassi survive another round of the US Open...laughing at how silly we both are together. Once again, I realize how much I love my little "in the process of expanding" family.

Oh, yeah, PRESENTS!! M got me the Dansko clogs I've been wanting for a couple of years but was never willing to pay for myself. Of course, I wanted the shinier black ones, which he bought...the sales lady says we need the others because they won't show scuffs and dings and such. I'm torn. He also got me Heart's Greatest Hits, which I am totally pumped about! To quote Roz from Frazier, "for your information, classic rock is both classic and it rocks." Normally, I'm all into my little indie rockers and songwriters, but I've got a serious soft spot in my heart for those Wilson sisters and their big hair, big guitar chick rock! Bring it on!

As for the agenda now that I'm home...I made sure the house was pretty close to spotless before I left, and M did a great job of keeping it that way, so I've got some laundry to do, but other than that the house is in good shape. I'd like to walk Otis, but it's raining, so that's out. I saw a quilted bib on the Moopy and Me sight that I'd like to tackle, so maybe I'll be crafty today. What I should do is head over to the library for books on window treatments. The new windows should be here soon, and I'd like to do something different on the front windows. The old owners left the sheers they'd made (crazy tall windows in a corner, likely requiring custom treatments) when they left, and they've haunted me since. They have to go, and I want the windows to have a little more pizzazz anyway. I'll also need something for the baby's room soon! I can even start that little endeavor next week as we find out the baby's sex on TUESDAY! That's FOUR DAYS people. I'm positively giddy about the whole thing!

Also (I haven't posted in a week, I feel like I can ramble a bit), I read what may be the best sentence ever terms of summing up what I want from life. From All Buttoned Up, "I want to be full and happy." You can really read it anyway you want, and it seems to work. I've gone through my entire life in type-A, overacheiver, "I must be number one" mode. I thought I'd always be that way, but things are changing. Maybe 27 years of that just caused me to burn out, or maybe my priorities are just changing. I'm not saying that I'm not still a type-A control freak. I am. What has changed is what I have to be perfect about. The main difference being that the answer isn't everything. I am in a pretty content place in my life, and I think being a mom will just reinforce the newer me. I just want things to be simple. I want to live a life and raise a child with real complexities, not manufactured ones. What matters, what really doesn't. Family and relationships matter. Memories matter. Responsibilities matter. The shoes in the closet (while perfectly aligned) don't really matter. My beautiful Juliska cake plate and dome (while adored) doesn't matter. I don't want to be that person...that person who is more worried about stuff and junk than people. Stuff and junk go away, but the memories and the stories stick around. Five bedroom, four bath homes with theaters and three-car garages can succumb to any number of disasters, but the memories made will stay...the smells, the sounds, the lessons learned. I just want to learn to remember those things all the time. I want to be full of all of the good things that matter...I want to be happy about that.

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