Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy surprises

I had a lunch date with friends from my old job yesterday. As fate would have it, it was really a surprise baby shower. Apparently, the restaurant's hostess wasn't in on the surprise, though, as she asked me if I was with the baby shower. It worked out either way. S got lots of wonderful new things, including an adorably baby-ish outfit to wear home from the hospital. Unfortunately, no one remembered to bring a camera, so I can't post pictures. Here are some of the things she got, though.

Another surprise came in the mail yesterday...our wedding album finally arrived! M and I had fun looking at it last night. It was slightly bizarre considering how long ago our wedding was. All of the junior attendants seem so grown up now- in comparison to then. It's also weird to see myself all dressed up without a beach ball-shaped belly sticking out. I'm just glad the album came before we have the baby. After all, that was the goal when we ordered it in AUGUST.

Beyond that, we're just trying to make sure everything is in order around here. I'm trying to stay on top of laundry and groceries and dishes and such. I think it is quintessentially "Ouiser" that I am terrified to go into labor with my house not picked up. I can't bear the thought of the guest bathroom not being stocked with clean towels or the bedrooms not having clean sheets when family shows up. I know it seems silly- at least I haven't gotten out a ladder to organize the top of the laundry closet, and trust me, I've been thinking about it. I am trying to exercise a modicum of restraint. We'll see how that goes...I've never been all that successful with self-restraint.


die Frau said...
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die Frau said...

You are a super-pregnant lady--have your extra-tall husband arrange the top of the laundry closet while you sit comfortably in a chair directing and throwing a toy for Otis to keep him amused. :-)

mo.wask said...

so sweet of the gals and cute loot