Friday, December 08, 2006

Party time

Tomorrow is the big day for M's work peeps to head over. This morning, at 7am, I made haystacks and mini-cheesecakes. I finished up most of the grocery shopping for the event yesterday, and M is stopping by the Liquor Barn on the way home for wine and beer. I'll need to run out in the morning for a couple of things that weren't available at the store I went to yesterday, but I'm pretty much ready to roll in the hors d'oeuvre and dessert departments. I have to dig out all the platters and wine glasses sometime today and check for water spots, and I still have to dust, vacuum, and give the powder room a once-over. There are other things that could stand to be done, but I don't really care. I realize that for this year only I have the excuse of being 34 weeks house doesn't have to be perfectly spotless.

Then again, I may as well try, right?? Better get started.

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feather nester said...

Was it fun? You're always the best hostess; I'm sure they were more than impressed.

BTW, I got the birthday card today! Thanks, sweeties!