Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three down, three to go

Saturday night we're having all the peeps from M's office over for a little Christmas soirée. In preparation, I made a huge list of things I need to/would like to accomplish before then. One of the tasks was to (finally) reupholster the dining room chairs. Seeing as I had yet to brave the fabric store, I had serious doubts about that particular task being crossed off the list, and I had already resigned myself to not caring. However, I found myself on the same street as the fabric store when I dropped off the dry cleaning yesterday, so I decided to try it out. Lo and behold, I found a fabric that I loved that was on sale!! I bought it, but I still wasn't sure if I'd actually get around to the chairs. This morning, though, I decided to make like a Nike commercial and "just do it." I've finished three of the six chairs, and that's all I'm doing today as my back started stiffening up from being in the floor and I promised hubby I would stop trying to do too much around the house.

So, here's the before and after...

I'm also off today to donate a few things to Habitat for Humanity and to pick up S's rocking chair, which came in a couple of weeks before expected...her room should be totally finished by Saturday, and I'll post nursery pictures then. It feels like things are starting to come together around here, but, then again, if it constantly
feels like that, is it really true??

Have to run...Otis just lost his ball under the chair. Happy Tuesday!!


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feather nester said...

L-O-V-E, love the chairs! Oh, just perfect. Can't gush enough. Well done. Way to hold out for the right fabric. They make me wanty.

die Frau said...

I love them! Can you come and do some work at my house???