Saturday, December 23, 2006

Now we're cooking with propane

I made the Caramel Pecan Pie and Hot Fudge Pie last night. I've spent this morning preparing the broccoli casserole and the corn pudding. The ham goes in the oven in about an hour. Things are coming along nicely...and my kitchen is clean. We'll see how things are going around 4:30. Of course, preparing the pseudo-Christmas dinner has not exactly been the highlight of my day. Today's highlight must be attributed to M.

This morning we sat down at the table for breakfast. Otis was hanging out with us, and M decided to take the opportunity to explain Santa Claus to him. Otis sat and listened attentively as M told him that tomorrow night a big, fat man in a red suit was going to come down the chimney to leave presents. He told him that the man would laugh and shake and that Otis was not allowed to bark at him and scare him away. I sat over my bowl of cereal and tried not to snort milk out of my nose. Those are the types of moments that remind me that I couldn't be married to a more wonderful man. He's just awesome. Right now he should be on his way home from Cincinnati with his dad, so I should get back to work making sure things are in order. I wouldn't want Santa to skip our house now that Otis is clearly going to be expecting him.

Of course, Otis has pulled two napkins off the set table already, so maybe M should explain to him how Santa checks to see if you've been naughty.

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