Monday, December 04, 2006

Like sands through the hourglass...

Another weekend come and gone. We got home from Fort Fun Saturday afternoon around 5, and we were able to get out and pretty much finish up our Christmas shopping. Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday for the P's- church, mini-nap, and errands around the house. M got S's dresser started (we should be able to finish it up tomorrow and get it moved into her room), and I put together her stroller and car seat. It's a good thing that I got them put together as they served as critical components to the "Otis gate" we built to keep him away from the freshly painted dresser.

Other than that, life is pretty low-key around here. We were both quite upset with the outcome of every football game played this weekend, (HOW did the Titans beat the Colts?? Why would anyone allow the University of Florida to play for the national championship?? Why couldn't USC just beat UCLA?) and bad football results never make us happy. I think M's fantasy team even got spanked pretty heartily. He's wishing he still had Reggie Bush right about now. All this football disappointment and the team from Alabama made it to the finals of the Amazing Race. The way the last couple of days have gone, the next thing you know, someone will tell me there is no such thing as Santa Claus. At least we get to shop tonight for Angel Tree kids- one of our favorite things to do every year during the holidays. I wish we could shop for all of them!!

Enough moping from me...I hope everyone is keeping warm!

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