Thursday, December 07, 2006

Better than TV

I've been able to see my belly move for awhile. We could see it jump and jerk when S would move. In the past week or so, though, she's gotten so much bigger that I can just sit and watch her. It's completely bizarre and surreal. I mean, watching her move around makes me infinitely more aware of the fact that there is a tiny human being inside me. I find myself sitting and staring at my stomach. I think that Otis thinks I'm losing my mind, but sometimes when I'm sitting there, he'll just come rub his wet nose across my belly. I like to think he's saying hi to her.

Speaking of Otis, he got snowed on this morning, which was pretty cute. I would've taken a picture, but hubby has the camera today. Maybe it will keep snowing. For the record, this is just (what all you "northerners" would call) a "dusting" of snow. To me, it's a full-on snowstorm, and I'll be headed to the grocery store in appropriate southern fashion this afternoon. For now, M and I are going to interview a pediatrician, which makes me feel very grown-up and mommy-ish.

Hope everyone is toasty warm, and I wish you were all here so we could share the fudge I made yesterday afternoon!! Hugs to all-


die Frau said...

Ooh, me too. Fudge. Yum.

mo.wask said...

You'd better hurry to the store as they might run out of milk, bread and booz. lol. I've always wondered what Southerns made with those ingredients. Probably something delicious that they won't share with a texan. Any insight? I swear Schnuck's on Union always feels like there is storm coming from the size of the lines.