Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here comes the sun

While Christmas day and the day after were yucky, rain-soaked messes, the sun is shining this morning. Somehow, it's kind of like spring...not actually like spring, it's still cold and everything is dormant. I simply mean that it feels like those first sunny days after the long ickiness of winter. Otis will be thrilled to have more outside time. M's dad leaves this morning, too, and I think Otis will also appreciate having his little routine back in order. Don't get me wrong, I think he's enjoyed sleeping in the bed with us, but he knows where his spaces are in the house, and I don't think he likes having things messed with. I'm actually very glad that we preemptively set up his "bedroom" in a space that won't have to change when S comes along. I don't think he'd care for being uprooted by a screaming baby.

As for Christmas, we had a nice, relaxing day. We ate early in the day, rendering us worthless for the remainder of it. M and I exchanged presents first thing in the morning while still lying in bed. Otis lay between us chewing his new rope bone (for the record, he destroyed it quickly). M and his dad hung out on the couch most of the day, and I was completely finished in the kitchen as soon as the dishes were put away. All in all, it was a very relaxing day. We even got to watch It's a Wonderful Life. Yesterday saw more of the same, but today we're actually forced out of our state of seemingly perpetual laziness as M is taking his dad to the airport in Cincinnati and then headed into the office for a few hours and I am headed to a doctor's appointment in about an hour. I suppose you can't lay around in pj's forever. Besides, we've already watched all the Christmas movies.

Moving on from Christmas, there is a nice article on MSN this may want to check it out. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Hugs to you all.

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die Frau said...

Thanks for the article! To that end, I just bought the energy-efficient bulbs that apparently last for SEVEN YEARS. I'm waiting for our current lightbulbs to blow out so I can replace them!!!!