Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Do you ever sit and think about all of the things you've done in a 24 hour period? Sometimes when I make the mental list, my life seems so completely disjunct that I have to laugh at myself. Does any of this stuff really matter? For example, the last 24-ish hours of my life:
  • Cleaned out from under the master bathroom cabinets, throwing away expired medicines and crap we don't use,
  • Did some laundry,
  • Frantically pumped gas and fought traffic from behind a school bus to pick up S's rocking chair while trying to make it to swim class on time,
  • Swam like a very pregnant fishie,
  • Fought traffic again to pick up dinner and meet M at the hospital for another birth-related class (woo-hoo for the lack of videos),
  • Realized, simultaneously with hubby, that "rhythmic breathing" through contractions is not for me as practicing it nearly sent me into hyperventilating panic attacks,
  • Actually considered, for the very first time, the possibility of a drug-free childbirth,
  • Watched Justin Timberlake open the great spectacle that is the VS Fashion Show and wondered if he knew, upon recording SexyBack, that he'd get to perform/drool at the supermodels in the show,
  • Discussed with Otis how he always uses the same tricks to try to get attention and it's getting old (he should learn a new trick),
  • Finished the dining chairs,
  • Painted the pink stripe on S's dresser,
  • Decided to type this asinine list chronicling what I've been doing, and
  • Realized that no one is likely to still be reading this post.
Everything just seems so bizarrely random and unimportant...I take that back, I count childbirth classes and laundry as fairly important. It just seems like the rest of this stuff is trivial, and when I realize that about 90% of the stuff I do would be considered trivial by about 90% of the general population, I wonder if my life is trivial. Not in a morose, listen to the Cure in a dark room while smoking clove cigarettes kind of way- just in a "how can I make a difference" sort of way. I'm sure that, for the rest of the day, I'll be consumed by that question...entranced in a philosophical state that most of the population would deem trivial.


feather nester said...

It ain't trivial if it's important to you. That's what I tell myself anyway after spending way too much time in Michael's contimplating the proper wire weight for making a jingle bell wreath.

die Frau said...

You're living your life! All I do, I feel, is grade papers and procrastinate and then complain about all the papers I have to grade. This is why the thought of going shoe shopping this weekend has me frantically happy. You're making things happen!