Thursday, November 30, 2006


The P family is hitting the road yet again. Luckily, this is our last planned jaunt out of town before the baby arrives. We're headed up to Fort Wayne for a couple of meetings tomorrow, and we are planning to head home on Saturday afternoon. Otis is depressed because he knows we're leaving, and I don't quite think he's figured out that he's tagging along. Nothing quite like a five hour car ride with a ginormous pregnant lady and a labradoodle. Lately it seems like he travels better than I.

On a technical note, my wonderful husband installed Firefox last night because I was having all sorts of trouble with the new IE crapping out. I suppose that means that pictures will resume. As soon as we get back, I'll take pics of the house so you can see what I meant by our living room looking like Christmas vomit. To test, though, here's the Thanksgiving picture of my family. My husband is very tall.

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die Frau said...

Yes, Firefox is safer as well. I have it on my computer and you'll have a much easier time with pictures and the like, I think. And if there are problems, you can use the other browser!

I would also install something like Crap Cleaner ( so you can get rid of the extra stuff websites put on your computer.

Love the picture!