Thursday, September 01, 2011

under the gun.

Here's the list of what is in my closet (not counting the cocktail dresses, LBD, and funeral skirt). I actually came in under 33 since I am not counting shoes, scarves, or jewelry.
  1. printed maxi dress,
  2. gray sleeveless v-neck dress
  3. blue sleeveless v-neck dress
  4. madras sleeveless dress*
  5. green Patagonia knit dress*
  6. gray sleeveless linen dress*
  7. black tee
  8. gray cardigan**
  9. dark gray v-neck tee
  10. light gray v-neck tee
  11. white v-neck tee
  12. white sleeveless v-neck tee
  13. white tissue 3/4 sleeve tee
  14. white button down
  15. pink sweater set
  16. green print cardigan
  17. green print button down
  18. green cardigan
  19. light blue cardigan
  20. navy sweater jacket
  21. maroon cardigan
  22. wheat sweater jacket
  23. black knit skirt
  24. brown knit skirt
  25. purple knit skirt
  26. blue knit skirt
  27. blue Prana skirt
  28. black and white Patagonia skirt/dress
  29. cream skirt
  30. boyfriend jeans
  31. bootcut jeans
  32. slim ankle jeans***
So, I've got one to spare. I will say that this is likely the final season for the green cardigan because it's seen better days and needs to be replaced. The black tee and white sleeveless tee are not terribly flattering, but I can't get rid of them until I replace them because, frankly, I need things to wear. What I'm noticing from my list, and what I've known all summer is that I am not great with things to throw on in the blazing heat. The tee shirts with knit skirts or jeans have been my go-to this summer, and now that I have the two Garnet Hill knit dresses, I've got enough outfits to easily dress myself for five days. The problem is that it takes about five days for us to accumulate an entire load of "good clothes" laundry, which means that everything is on the drying rack on the sixth morning, and I'm standing around in my underwear. I think replacing the black tee and the white sleeveless tee with pieces that I like more will solve that issue. It is also quite obvious from this list that I love a cardigan. Scarlet Lily and I have had conversations about this. Unfortunately, cardigans are impractical in the Southern Summer unless you're in an office building, a movie theater, or a restaurant, all three of which are always cold.

Also, for accountability's sake, this is the list of shoes in the closet:
  1. Brown tall wedges
  2. Black tall wedges
  3. Brown short, casual wedges
  4. Tevas
  5. Black patent Birkenstocks (pretty much on my feet constantly...fancy, huh?)
  6. Running shoes
  7. Black Chuck Taylors
  8. Mions
  9. Slingback heels (for weddings, you know)
  10. Green dress sandals
When the weather officially cools off, I'll pull out a few sweaters and swap out the tees for tanks that layer nicely under cardigans. (You know how tees under cardigans make those little bulgy lines under the cardigan sleeves? I cannot tolerate that.) I'll also put away all the knit skirts and trade out the Summer dresses for a few Fall dresses. I'll put away sandals and bring out the Danskos and the boots, and when I find the greatest-ballet-flats-ever-that-don't-cost-as-much-as-a-Cusinart, I'll have those, too.

*These are hanging in the closet but are currently unwearable as they are not nursing friendly.
**Technically, there are three gray cardigans, but two of them only get worn in the house as one of them is ragged as all get-out and the other was M's dad's and is therefore too big...but it's soft and warm.
***These aren't actually in my possession yet, but they are on their way from J. Jill.

In case anyone is wondering, Mr. Ouiser has 15 button downs/dress shirts, ten golf shirts, three Columbia casual shirts, 12 sweaters, four pullovers, two long-sleeved polos, a work shirt, and a couple of thermal tees hanging in the a couple of suits and blazers, six pairs of chinos, three pairs of dress pants, two pair of corduroy pants, five pairs of shorts, one pair of causal khaki pants, and six pair of jeans****. Granted, he doesn't put things away seasonally as I do, but it's safe to say that we know who's got the larger wardrobe in our house.

****In his defense, three pair of these are work-jeans, and I must hereby admit that I have two pair of cropped pants that are only for working in the yard because I hate them otherwise.

You now all know way too much about my closet, and I realize how boring and bizarre that is.

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