Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in my dotage.

I'm not getting any younger. Are you?

I don't actually want to get any younger since I like myself so much better than I did ten years ago. Just the same, I am constantly noticing that I am getting older.

Examples of my aging:

  • Copious amounts of gray hair that I don't care to color because I'd rather spend that time baking something,
  • I am inexplicably, voluntarily getting up before the sun to have coffee with my husband*,
  • I have started keeping dried beans and ham hocks in my pantry in case I need to make a pot of beans,
  • I don't need to consult a recipe to make chocolate chip cookies anymore,
  • I clean my house often,
  • I need Ibuprofen more than I should,
  • My feet are always cold...actually, I am almost always cold,
  • I think people should be hanged by their thumbs for shooting off fireworks after 8pm,
  • I catch myself using phrases that only old people use,
  • I almost yelled at some middle schoolers who were playing in my yard with water guns the other day, and
  • I eat prunes, and I like them.
I am practically geriatric. Wow.

Here's the ensemble du jour. Boyfriend jeans, white layering tank, green cardigan, and one of my favorite necklaces. Have I told you about my darling Besty Carr??
A note regarding today's photo. Mr. Ouiser called me out on his making me look shorter yesterday, so at 530 this morning, he plopped his tail in the floor for today's photo. Whilst I do look taller (hence the "Ouiser Attacks" pose), my arse looks as wide as the broad side of a barn. I suppose a girl can't have everything. Perhaps I should use a Fun House mirror tomorrow. Anybody got one handy??

*This makes me think of my grandparents. When I would spend the night there growing up, I would sometimes wake up when I heard my Grandma making Granddaddy's breakfast. I was always aghast at the fact that it was still dark outside when he headed out onto the farm. I could never understand why they were up so early. Now look at me...

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Ashley Sanders said...

Thanks for the list it made me laugh which I needed to.