Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sew awesome.

Are you following me on Pinterest? If you are, perhaps you saw this.
I had to make it. How could I deprive my darling girl of this level of cuteness? I couldn't possibly. So once I finished my little embroidery project to send overseas, I dove into the pile of fabric in my attic and started cutting.

And since it was so cute and was all over Pinterest as an item for sale in an Etsy shop but nowhere to be found as a DIY project, I even planned a tutorial. Shocking, I know. I took a couple of pictures at the beginning. A picture of a pile of fabrics. A picture of some scraps and my pinking shears. A picture of all the pieces lined up in the order I wanted to attach them. A picture of a 1/2" seam.
Then I realized that I am not cut out for making tutorials*. I have neither the patience nor the photography skills. (Also, I don't think tutorials with glasses of wine in the background are as popular.) There were no other photographs taken until I snapped one of S in the finished product.

I love how it turned out, but I think I'd like it better a couple of inches shorter. When S is a couple of inches taller, I'll let you know because I am now done with the project.

Now...today's outfit. There will be no photograph because the photos that M took were all terribly unflattering. As in, I know the outfit is rough, but it doesn't look as bad as the lighting and angles would indicate, and I have rules. I do NOT share photographs of myself that are bad. Clearly I've shared "not so good" photographs for the past three days, but these are bad, and I will not have truly wretched photographs around on the internet as long as T's disposable diapers are in landfills. But I will tell you that I am wearing a light gray v-neck tee and a brown knit skirt. The photos made me so depressed that I may actually go change and then burn the skirt. Then I'll have space for one more article of clothing!!

*Should you have any interest in making one of these, I'll gladly send instructions, but there will be no pictures. Also, I think a monkey could make this. It was so deliciously easy.

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