Friday, September 23, 2011


A breakdown of the past 24 hours.

1130am (Thursday): Puked on. Changed from sweater jacket to gray cardigan.
1230pm: Post Office. Puked on. Can't do anything about it because I have to pick S up from preschool.
130pm: Home from preschool pick-up. Changed from cardigan and jeans, which were also puked on. Gave up on the whole concept of being actually dressed. Put on yoga pants.
230pm: Yoga. I was wearing the pants after all.
330pm: Made dinner. We are phasing out T's third nap, which means he is awake and cranky when it's actually time to make dinner, and he requires being in the Baby Bjorn. I tried to make pasta the other night with him attached to me, and I burned myself draining the pasta water. Lesson learned.
430pm: Thad wakes up from his nap.
530pm: Realize that M is going to be later than he expected. Subsequently, devastatingly realize that I'm on my own for the next hour of upset baby. Feed S. Feed me.
630pm: T to bed. Want to fall into bed myself.
730pm: Supposed to be at House Blend helping Holly paint, but M still isn't home.
830pm: Painting at House Blend.
930pm: Headed home from House Blend...sit down and sketch a dozen more ideas for their tables.
1030pm: Bed.
1130pm: T is screaming bloody murder. Trudge upstairs. Nurse the little booger.
1230pm: asleep
130am: asleep
230am: asleep
330am: Nurse screaming, hysterical baby.
430am: Wonder if that dying animal sound outside is indeed a dying animal. Contemplate finding animal and ensuring his swift demise.
530am: In the shower.
630am: Say goodbye to husband. Take photograph of daily outfit. Laundry. Scrub toilet.
730am: Fix S's breakfast. Pay bills. Balance checkbook.
830am: Play with baby. Fold laundry.
930am: T napping. Dust the furniture downstairs. Start chili.
1030am: Send S to her room for an hour because she had a fit about wiping her bottom. Realize how quiet life is with one sleeping baby and one four-year-old that is sent to her room and threatened with her life if she continues her hysterics and wakes her brother.
1130am: Write dumbest blog post ever. Realize by looking at it that I need to sleep more. I already knew that, though.

Riveting, eh?
Here's today's outfit. Gray v-neck dress. I put on my rainboots this morning for the picture because it was pouring buckets. The sun is now shining, though, so if I leave my house it will be in the greatest ballet flats ever. I'm also sporting another Betsy Carr necklace, but you can't see it in the picture. And that's an awesome vintage umbrella. Just so you know. It's impossible not to feel awesome holding a vintage stick umbrella. Don't you agree?


VA said...

My first thought was: that girl needs more sleep. You know how some people have insulin drips continually? There is a little needle attached to a pump that gives them a continual dose of insulin. For you, I'm thinking you have a continual dose of caffeine. Is that true? If so, where can I get one?

Wonderland said...

Dude, you do more in 24 hours than I do all week. You inspire me.