Thursday, September 22, 2011

another day.

It's Thursday, but my brain is pretty well convinced that it's Friday because we inexplicably ran out of groceries a day early this week, so I had to go to the market* last night instead of tonight. I desperately wish today was Friday. Alas...I'll have to wait another day.

As I have virtually nothing interesting to say today, I'll just get to the outfit, then get offline.
Today I'm sporting bootcut jeans and my wheat sweater/jacket thing. I've got a pink tank underneath. I'm also rocking my new ballet flats. The hunt for the perfect ballet flat was a massive undertaking. I looked at Tieks on Scarlet Lily's suggestion, but I wanted brown. Just brown. Not faux-crocodile brown or leopard, which meant I was out of luck. I looked at French Sole, but I was again thwarted by a lack of brown leather. I tried Corso Como on Vintage Darling's suggestion, going so far as to order them and send them back when they were uncomfortable.

Finally, after a ridiculous amount of research, I decided I wanted the Bloch Arabian Ballerina III, only to find that they cannot be found anywhere in my size. I did try a size that I thought might fit, but I had to send them back because they were so, so small. I settled for the Bloch Giselle Roll-up, and I'm happy. The right shoe feels like it was actually MADE for my foot, but the left heel digs a bit. I'm hoping this little problem will fix itself after I've worn them a bit.

Wow. That might have just bored you to death. I hope not.

Have you ever gone to so much trouble for a pair of shoes? I nearly drove myself and Mr. Ouiser and half the people I know insane on this quest.

*I am trying to bring out of fashion words back into the popular lexicon. Market is one such word. I'd also like to start saying "I believe" in lieu of "I think." My Granddaddy does, and I find it charming as all get out. Just so you know.

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