Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the subtle art of nonverbal communication.

My son, the one who can't talk...he sure can say a lot. His looks are highly nuanced. Let me show you.
What's up, Mom?
Pictures? Oh, smashing. You have been utterly remiss in documenting my existence you know. I am such a second child.
You need to adjust your camera settings?
It's cool. I'll wait right here.
Ready now?
I'm going to grin now. I'd say it'll charm your pants off, but I'd rather charm your top off. I'm a boob man.
I've got some drool on my chin?
You think I should wipe it off or just go with it?
Did I get it?
Let's just keep going.
What?? There's a pig over my shoulder?? Holy cow. I mean pig.
Wait. What's a pig?
Is it gone?
Are we done here?
No? Not done?
I'm getting sick of this. I'd rather be eating my fingers.
One more? Okay, I'll do one more.
Really, mom. I'm done.
Go away. I am over this.
Seriously, why aren't you listening to me?

The boy is brilliant.


die Frau said...

I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. Love this. And I think we have a different version of the same exercise mat.

The Full Count said...

That made my night.

Megan F. said...

Adorable. Love it.