Saturday, September 17, 2011


We are in the glorious season that is fall. Sort of. I realize it doesn't technically begin until next Friday, but we're pretty much there.

There is cider for crying out loud.

The problem with fall in the South is that it's kind of teasing. In the course of three days it can be hot/sunny/85 degrees, rainy/windy/55 degrees, and cloudy/70 degrees. I realize those don't seem like great variations, but 85 degrees in the sun is definitely warm, and 55 degrees in the rain is definitely cool, and it makes dressing a challenge. Especially when you're rocking a wardrobe with 33 articles of clothing.

So yesterday I revamped. I swapped out a couple of dresses, put away a couple of skirts, and hung up a few tanks for layering under sweaters.

The new 33:
  1. Long camel cardigan sweater,
  2. Long gray cardigan sweater,
  3. Blue v-neck knit dress,
  4. Gray v-neck knit dress,
  5. Brown 3/4 sleeve knit dress,
  6. Purple 3/4 sleeve knit dress,
  7. Dark gray v-neck tee,
  8. Light gray v-neck tee,
  9. Gray cardigan*,
  10. Gray sweater,
  11. Gray layering tank,
  12. White layering tank,
  13. White button down,
  14. White v-neck tee,
  15. Pink v-neck long sleeve tee,
  16. Pink assymetrical cardigan,
  17. Gold v-neck sweater,
  18. Green layering tank,
  19. Green cardigan,
  20. Green print cardigan,
  21. Navy v-neck long sleeved tee,
  22. Teal ruffled henley,
  23. Blue cardigan,
  24. Navy sweater jacket,
  25. Purple v-neck long sleeved tee,
  26. Maroon cardigan,
  27. Wheat sweater jacket,
  28. Black knit skirt,
  29. Brown knit skirt,
  30. Cream skirt,
  31. Boot cut jeans,
  32. Boyfriend jeans,
  33. Slim ankle jeans**.
*Technically, there are still three. I still only wear one in public.
**I had to exchange the pair previously on order, so these aren't actually in my possession. Still.

So there you have it. This is probably what will be in my closet all winter, though I may put away a couple of dresses at the end of the fall and pick up another pair of jeans. The glory of the cardigan is layers. You can throw one on to be warm in the cool mornings and evenings, but take it off in the heat. Cardigans. I love thee.

Also, regarding this Project 333 insanity. I talked to my dear friend J about it last night upon mistakenly hearing that he didn't believe I only had 33 articles of clothing.

"So, I hear you don't believe that there are really only 33 things in my closet," I accused him.

"Oh, no. I believe you, I just think you're crazy. Why would anyone want to do that?"

I explained to him that if you have limited choices of clothing, you won't spend much time at all deciding what to wear, and you'll be absolutely certain to genuinely like every article of clothing you have. He thought it sounded good in theory but admitted that his hatred for doing laundry makes it necessary to continue owning 14 pairs of jeans. To each his own. He also asked if I didn't get sick of wearing the same things over and over and remarked that he didn't really notice that I was always in the same things. I will say that no, I don't get sick of wearing the same things, but honestly, even when there were more things hanging in my closet, I still only wore a small percentage. This little endeavor just removed all the things I owned but didn't wear. It physically removed the clutter. It's been great really.

I've decided that starting today, I am going to photograph what I wear every day for a week so you can get an idea of how it comes together.

I know you'll eagerly await the week's worth of pictures...try not to lose sleep in the excitement.
In the interest of showing my boots, which I love, I cut off my head.
Don't say anything.
It's not supposed to be a picture of my head anyway, right?

Today's outfit: maroon cardigan, blue v-neck knit dress, woven leather belt, brown boots, whitest ever flesh tights. mean my actual legs are so white that they're blue? Yep. I do not do sun. I am part vampire.

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Melissa said...

So cute!!!! Can't wait to see more.