Tuesday, September 13, 2011

another conversation with the little man.

T had rice cereal for the first time this morning. He wasn't crazy about it. I'll let him tell you...
Mom, what's that?
You want me to do what with that glop? I thought maybe it was glue for papier mache. I'm not really supposed to ingest that, am I?
It doesn't look so good. Really, I'm happy with the boobs. There is no need for this little experiment.
Is something supposed to be happening? Because I'm not understanding. Maybe it's above my pay grade, but I am thinking this stuff is just kind of funk-y.
Woman, you have stripped me of my dignity.


Strongmama said...

I love these. Thank you for sharing them. He is so freaking cute.

die Frau said...

That IS what handsome looks like, 'cause he looks just like Daddy!

So I get to look forward to this fairly soon, huh?

Melissa said...

Aside from the slight bias to my own son, I must say.....cutest little man ever!!!!