Monday, November 13, 2006

The whining labradoodle

The P family is all back home and settled in from our respective trips. M's trip to Iowa included lots and lots of driving to towns with funny names, and the only "exciting" thing that happened was he lost his eyeglasses. New glasses are high on the priority list for this week. We did a bit of shopping around yesterday after church, but no luck. Tomorrow night we'll hit the stores again. Otis and I had a very interesting trip to Tennessee. As usual, he found loads of "snacks" at my Aunt Melanie's (Starburst wrappers, pieces of popsicle sticks, tags from clothing, and undies). His tummy has been pretty messed up, but he's starting to eat again, so I'm not worried. He also had his first "out without a leash" experience, which nearly gave me a heart attack. He was accidentally let out on Thursday morning, but I was able to trick him into getting in the car by saying we'd go for a ride. Most of the trip he spent pouting or whining, depending on whether he was wearing his gentle leader or not. Putting it onto him was the only way to prevent him from scavenging for goodies under the furniture. It was also the only way to keep him from getting up and roaming through the house at night, which I didn't figure out until night #2, meaning I slept for a grand total of 2 hours the first night we were there. I was very tired the next day. He also whined/cried whenever I left a room or put him into his kennel, which was a completely new thing, and it seems to be a habit that he's letting go now that we're home.

On the pregnancy front, I did have a little freak out on the trip home. I started having really uncomfortable cramps (and a lot of back pain) on Thursday evening, but the cramps were in my upper abdomen, so I wasn't too worried...not to mention the fact that S was being a total wiggle-worm, so I knew she was okay. Of course, about twenty minutes from home on Friday, the pain moved from my upper abdomen to lower, and it felt like someone was stabbing me. I was completely uncomfortable by the time I actually made it home, and I couldn't stand completely straight. After a few minutes of crying because I was so miserable and tired and slightly freaked out, the nurse from my doctor's office called me back and made me feel better. Apparently, it's probably just my uterus stretching out (how exciting). I knew that could happen, but all of my books said it would happen in the second trimester, so I was sort of past being on the lookout for that particular symptom, knowing that some women don't feel anything fromteh stretching. I guess that's what I get for measuring small throughout the pregnancy- delayed stretching of ligaments. Either way, it was a miserable day, so I was glad that M came straight home from the airport instead of going into the office. It made me feel loads better to have him at home- even though I was conked out in the bed, all doped up on Tylenol. The pain has come and gone since Friday, but I'm not weirded out by it anymore, so it is much more tolerable. It's amazing how much more something hurts when there's a psychological slant to it. As for now, I have a week's worth of laundry calling my name...I'd better get started.

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