Saturday, November 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Sigh. No more turkey until Christmas. I suppose I'll make it. We had a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving at my cousin's house. It was the largest holiday gathering (19 people) that M has ever attended, and I am certain it was the most food he's ever seen at once at a private residence. We were also able to spend time yesterday in Columbia with my "daddy family", and my aunt and her boys were in town from Florida, so I really feel like I got to spend some good quality time with family.

I am happy to be home, though, as I had a lot of trouble sleeping while we were gone. Granted, I have trouble sleeping here, too, but it's different, and I am looking forward to crawling into my own bed tonight. I hope everyone had a great's time to get ready for Christmas around here!

For the record, I have tried numerous times to add soem Turkey Day pictures, but the upgraded IE isn't letting it happen...just another crazy Blogger/IE issue. Maybe someday...

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