Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A boring patient

"Someone" in our house has a birthday coming up. Looming under the omnipresent shadow of said birthday was a promise to get a check-up before it arrived. Thus, "someone" went to the doctor for the first time in our entire relationship yesterday. His lab work isn't being done until tomorrow, but barring that, he's healthy as a horse. He also weighed in at over 190 (albeit in full clothing), which I feel is a major accomplishment. Either way, he was told by the doctor that he was a boring patient because there is absolutely nothing wrong with him and he takes pretty good care of himself. You know what, we don't need doctors and co-pays to tell us we're boring. We already know that. I suppose it's better than the alternative.

Today it's my turn to go to the doctor. 28 week check-up. How exciting. As long as I don't weigh in at over 190...

There was a pretty low turn out for trick-or-treating last night, but the weather had been rotten all day. I'm guessing that most parents, not wanting to schlep bags of candy around the neighborhood through puddles and piles of slippery, wet leaves took their kids to the warm, dry, well-lit mall. We did see some really cute costumes, though. There were two witches that melted my heart. This year's most over-bought costumes: Batman and princesses. (MoWask, I'm with you on the originality issue.) I think part of the reason that I liked the witches so much, aside from the fact that they actually said, "trick-or-treat," "Happy Halloween," and "thank you," was the fact that they were fairly traditional costumes. There was one really cute mummy, too. What ever happened to dressing up like it's Halloween? Why is it now considered a costume to dress up in your dad's hunting clothes or to just wear all black and smear fake blood on your face? One child was wearing track pants and a USC sweatshirt. What was he supposed to be? I know I'll change my tune when S says she wants to be a butterfly or a (gasp!) princess or a (bigger gasp!) hunter. I'll just have to make sure she has the best, most unique butterfly/princess/hunter costume around. Aaaaaghhhh, type A motherhood. Watch out world.

Oh, yeah, the funniest thing I saw/heard all night was the little girl eating a bag of skittles as she came to the door. "Trick-or-treat" through a mouth full of skittles is a whole different thing.

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