Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Valiant Failure

Okay, okay, okay...the artsy fartsy free-form aluminum garden did not work. It looked like part of the great tragedy (particularly the new tin roof that was mangled and flung into a tree during the fall tornadoes). After digging holes for the posts and then wailing on them with a sledgehammer to drive them into the ground, I realized that the whole thing was a disaster. I left the cleanup for hubby. I couldn't bear to look at it...and I felt awful for the holes I'd created that went nearly to the core of the planet. I hope Otis doesn't fall in.

Once that greatly misguided adventure was wrapped up, Marc dug up an area in the corner of the yard for me to use. He's going to put a fence around it for me once we've determined that it's enough space for all of the rapidly growing plants, which are still in their little peat pods- not in the ground where they belong. Maybe this afternoon?? As soon as there is something to look at...Should I worry about the fence keeping light out in addition to dogs and bunnies and squirrels?

Beyond the gardening, I started a t-shirt quilt for Marc. Otis is terribly interested in all the scraps lying around. I spend more time chasing after him and shredded bits of old t-shirt than I do piecing. Of course, I'm sure there are plenty of Colgate tennis tees to go around.

Other Otis news- he ate the fancy, schmancy remote control this morning before I got out of bed. So, we mourn the passing of the only remote that has ever allowed us to really have just one remote. Luckily, all of the originals are in one place, and we've never gotten rid of any remotes- even the ones for the electronics we no longer own- so we won't have to (gasp!) walk to the television. Maybe I'll do something with those old clickers someday- a nice black plastic sculpture, "Ode to Pioneer and Panasonic." I can see it now. It's not pretty.

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