Thursday, May 11, 2006

The rain in Spain...

Once again, my plan to finally plant my garden is foiled. It's been raining all day, and the wind is cold and gusty. I hope that I'll be able to get that done this weekend. I know Marc is itching to build a fence.

With the weather being uncooperative, dinner plans are also down the drain as I was planning to grill, and I'm much too big a wimp to stand in the cold rain. Maybe I'll go all out Southern heart failure and fry the pork chops- or maybe I'll improvise.

I did pick up a new book today, so I think I'll just curl up on the couch and read tonight. Otis, however, hasn't been happy with that whole parents laying around thing this week. You can tell he is still all puppy when he acts up because you haven't thrown anything for him or played tug-of-war in 18 seconds. Even after I played with him this morning, he still stole a tupperware bowl out of the sink and shredded it while I was in the shower. Free-range Otis is about to lose his privileges- he has been quite the handful this week. His birthday is right around the corner, though, and all the puppy will be gone at one year old, right?

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