Friday, May 12, 2006

Setting the Table

You know, my worst nightmare is that someone will come to my house for dinner and I won't have any clean napkins or the proper fork or enough serving pieces. I spend a majority of my time on a quest to ensure that never happens. (My husband will verify.) I made some strides in this quest today- amazingly while I was at work! I went to the Pomegranate warehouse sale, and I found some really great stuff. I bought some random happies for friends, and I bought myself a tablecloth and some napkins. The patterns are really fun, so I think I'll enjoy them for a long time.

Of course, now that I have all of my fancy china out on Grandma's antique buffet, I am not sure that all of my "fun" linens really work in the dining room. I don't really care...well, I kind of care. I made sure that I bought a tablecloth that would work on the patio furniture. That way, if the pigs are too much for the dining room, I can at least enjoy them outdoors. Oink.

It's still rainy out today, so there are still no immediate plans to work outdoors, and my grilling is still on hold. It's funny how I feel like there has been a major climate shift, putting the Artic Circle right smack in's something like 55 degrees. I am a wimp.

Of course, I am going to have to suck it up because Otis NEEDS a walk this evening. I am convinced that it is my fault that he is being so bad this week. He ate some papers out of the file sorter on Marc's desk this morning and decided that the antique sugar bowl was a chew toy. He dropped it down the stairs like he does his bones. I am lucky (better said, he is lucky) that it didn't break. I guess he hasn't learned to fear my wrath over broken china. Give him time.

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mowask said...

cute stuff at Pomegranate. fun linens are the BEST. sorry the weather is less than stellar.