Monday, May 15, 2006

Manic Monday

It really would be more appropriate if it was bi-polar Monday as there is rarely anything manic about the day. There's usually (at least in my experience) way more depression involved. Of course, this is a terrible way to start the week.

On a high note, Otis and I had a great walk this morning. The wind was very slight and a little cool, but the temperature was nice, so I was nice and warm and my cheeks were just a little chilly. I like that feeling on our morning walks. He also didn't try to mutilate any birds this morning, and that's always a plus.

As for the weekend, it did rain most of the time, so the garden still isn't happening. I suppose it will happen sooner or later. I did get some more work done on Marc's quilt, though, and I managed to work in some reading time.

On top of all that, I actually got to hang out with my husband yesterday, and it feels like that never happens anymore. I love being reminded of how much fun I have with him. He laughs at me, I laugh at him. It he's tall and can reach stuff all the way at the back of the top shelf at the grocery store. What more could a girl (especially a short one) ask for?

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