Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eat dirt

Finally! It actually didn't rain yesterday. I officially have a "garden" in my backyard. Granted the whole space is about 3x6, but there are legitimate vegetables planted there, so it counts. Anyway, I'd rather have a small success than a truly spectacular failure on this one. All of my tomato plants, basil, peppers, and lettuce are in the dirt (and hummus). I don't know why I always manage to get things like this accomplished when Marc is out of town. Otis tried to be "involved" in the planting. He kept running up behind me and taking off with mouthfuls of soil. What a ding dong.

Speaking of Otis, he's getting the cue ball treatment right now. I like him when he get's shaved. He's so funny, and somehow his not having hair equates to his not having stank either. You've got to love a dog that doesn't smell!

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