Friday, May 19, 2006

On the road

What kind of mother am I? Otis turns ONE today, and I'm heading out of town. At least we had a great morning together. The whole family in a pile on the bed as I woke up. A nice walk. A big hunk of soil eaten out of my garden. What more could he want? I'm sure he'd love a nice juicy steak, but we've forked out too much money getting his intestines in order to blow it now. Maybe Marc will put a candle in the evening kibble??

I packed up some CD's this morning for the road. I threatened my aunt Mel with Fiddler on the Roof and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which are legitimately in the car, but I grabbed some good road tunes as well. One was Hootie and the Blowfish, which I rocked out to all the way to work this morning. Flashbacks of junior prom. Nice.

So, off I go this weekend for baths and massages and facials and food. I'm a little bummed that I know my aunt won't want to go to the park there, but if I whine enough, she may cave. The weather there is supposed to be nice- sunny and 90 degrees. That's my kind of weather...that's hot.

Oh, I'm stealing Allison's thing: five senses Friday (don't be mad, I have no originality)

Sight: Otis's eyeballs (I hadn't seen them in awhile), the really good black soil in my garden- with the little green plants sticking up

Sound: Hootie; yesterday's thunderstorms

Touch: my new short hair- I feel so much lighter

Taste: Cilantro Pesto that I made for dinner the other night, it was delish, and I'm happy to share the recipe; fresh mozzarella on last night's chicken pizzas

Smell: freshly mowed grass; the deep conditioner that Suzie used on my hair the other day

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mowask said...

I have no originality either. I had seen it on several sites but it was Stephanie at Little Birds that inspired me to start it. It would be interesting to know who really did start it.

Hope you have a fab weekend at the springs. Pamper yourself!!!!